About Me IV

Kashyap Parikh

Creative Collection

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.


“Painting is the space & colour Management”

  In my works, I try to explore & express my ideas about the human being. I convert surroundings into Visual Art. The soil, the air or the water, where I grew up has a deep impact on my art. The area of my interest is painting, because I want paint to be present on the surface in the same way that it is present in its action when squeezed out from the tube. I want it to be alive and express moods, feelings and screams in a fervent and energetic manner.

 I believe that art should come from nature and elevate it. For millions of years, life has survived in extreme weather and conditions. Inspiration is taken from this unrelenting determination and communicated through organic lines and colour. This type of determination inspires me to overcome difficulties in life and continually absorb new knowledge. My work is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides the viewer with infinite opportunities to imagine and explore. I use flawless brushwork, dynamic gestural lines, and bold forms to convey energy from nature and a sense of depth, dimension and expansiveness, also achieving harmony and balance by effectively managing positive and negative space.  Nature is my key influence. So far, I have created lots of work based on objects or seasons in nature. I hope to continue to draw inspiration from it and produce more exciting and unique artworks in the future.

 Art is divine creation. It comes from deep thinking, imagination, involvement, patience, devotion, dedication, purity and divinity of an artist. All these qualities are reflected in artist’s creation. One can very obviously feel these to the extent of the artist’s abilities of creativity. Though one needs not to have any acquaintance or knowledge of art, art itself makes one to realize or feel power of creation. Enjoy the creations whole heartedly.

   For me life has been full of sentiments, emotions & excitements. And I have shared my experiences with others through I created visual world & will continue it further…

                                                                       – Kashyap Parikh